• EFA 69 Light weight splitting saw

    EFA 69

    Light weight splitting saw

    Light Splitting saw for hogs and cattle.

    • Housing closed waterproff.
    • Increased motor power
    • lightweight
    • Low Vibration
    • Low maintance.
    • All external parts made of corrosion-free material

  • EFA Cleaning cabin Cleaning cabin for band saws

    EFA Cleaning cabin

    Cleaning cabin for band saws

    • Cleaning cabin for the EFA band saws 

  • EFA SB 287 E Splitting saw

    EFA SB 287 E

    Splitting saw

    Compact band saw-for hogs and cattle;for small and medium sized plants.

    • Cold water cooling and cleaning-System.
    • Low-noise and low Vibration.
    • Safe to handlw though safety Switches for housing covers and  two-hand-control.
    • Improved elastic band guide, for enhanced endurance of the saw bands.

  • EFA SB 295 E Splitting saw, electrically powered

    EFA SB 295 E

    Splitting saw, electrically powered

    High Performance band saw for hogs and sows; for medium and large sized plants.

    • Warm and cold water  cooling and cleaning System.
    • Low-noise and low vibration.
    • Safe to handle through safety Switches for housing covers and two-hand control.
    • Improved elastic band guide, for enhanced endurance of the saw bands.

  • EFA SB 327 E  Splitting saw

    EFA SB 327 E

    Splitting saw

    Professional high Performance Splitting saw for cattle with new control.

    • Warm + cold water feed cleaning System.
    • Very low-noise and low Vibration.
    • Safe handling due to two-hand-control and safety Switches for housing cover.
    • mproved compartment for cutting,flat and Slim designed web; easy accesible, midway placed torque wrench.
    • Improved spring blade balancer for enhanced endruance of saw blades.
    • Optimized cutting space profile with extremely narrow bridge and torque wrench arranged in the middle.
      Long saw band service life through optimized, spring-loaded band guide.
    • Maintenance Improved Removable Lid.

  • EFA SK 40 E Splitting saw

    EFA SK 40 E

    Splitting saw

    Powerful Splitting saw for hogs; for large medium and large sized plants.

    • Safe to operate by installed sawblade-stop.
    • Two-hand controll Easy to clean, external parts made of corrosion-free material.
    • High cutting Speed.
    • With water supply.

  • EFA SL 50-18 Reciprocating saw electrically operated

    EFA SL 50-18

    Reciprocating saw electrically operated

    For Splitting of hogs and cattle, for sawing though breastbones and quatering; for small meat plants.

    • Powerful universal motor, splash-proof
    • Ergonomic position of handle
    • Anti-vibration package
    • Easy to clean housing

We sell halving saws with an electric drive. Depending on your needs, you can get the optimal halving saw for beef, pork, horse or camel.


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